At Inspire Mastering we’re so sure that you’ll love your master that we’ll do your first one completely free.

We’ll even throw in a free mix consultation should you need it before we start your mastering project.

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Our Services

£30 per track

3 day turnaround

1 free revision

WAV & MP3 delivery

From £80

7 day turnaround

Hybrid system

16 or 24bit WAV files

From £50

5 day turnaround

Competitive rates

WAV & MP3 delivery

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Who We Are

With over 40 years of recording experience – and trained by Streaky, one of the world’s leading mastering engineers – Matt and Tom Bishop will take your song to the next level.

Your song should sound fantastic on all formats and devices. From small iPhone speakers to huge sound systems, from Spotify on the laptop to the radio in the car.

This is what high-quality mastering delivers for your music.

You’ve worked so hard on finishing a final mix that you’re proud of. Mastering is the final step in the creative process before your song is ready for release.

Don’t leave it to chance.

You’ll get a three-dimensional, high-definition sound that will stand up against anything else you’ll hear. All mastered by Matt and Tom, with not a single algorithm in sight.

See your song soar before it flies out into the world with Inspire Music’s mastering services.

Inspire  also offer mixing and recording services from their other studio and more details can be found over at


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